Canadian citizens, U.S. citizens or permanent residents only.


A top affordable alternative to an American medical school

If you are considering studying medicine, you will be aware how hard it is to get into medical school.

Tough competition for medical school places and high fees mean that many excellent potential doctors are missing out. You don’t have to be one of them.

At Saint James School of Medicine we believe that a medical career should be achievable for everybody with the commitment and ability to succeed. We offer a quality medical education at an affordable price.

“I wanted to take the cheapest, fastest route to qualify as a MD and get back to Canada to practice, and Saint James fulfilled these requirements.”
— Dr. David Klein, graduate, Saint James School of Medicine

There is an alternative to traditional medical schools

Saint James School of Medicine offers an alternative to American and Canadian medical schools.

•   Tuition from $5,950 per semester
•   No MCAT required
•   16-month accelerated program
•   Three enrollment periods per year
•   USMLE prep & clinical rotations in U.S. hospitals
•   Residencies & work in U.S. or Canada
•   International accreditations

Some of the lowest fees in the Caribbean

Because our mission is to offer an accessible medical education, we keep our fees as affordable as possible. In fact we are one of the lowest priced Caribbean medical schools, offering extremely competitive fees. Choose Saint James and start your medical career with less debt.


Make your dream of becoming a physician a reality

If you would like more information on how Saint James School of Medicine is a good place to make your dream of becoming a physician a reality, please fill out our short contact form and one of our admissions advisors will contact you.

Alternatively you can always call us on 800-542-1553. Our admissions team will be delighted to answer your questions.

Saint James only enrolls U.S. citizens or permanent residents and Canadian citizens.